Posted by: iamggreen | October 3, 2011

Adventures in WordPress

So I’m starting up this blog and I am very new to WordPress. Since this will be one of the greatest programming blogs of all time I believe it is prudent I figure out how to write code snippets.  My first instinct is search for a plugin. Since I’m not self-hosting, I don’t think this is an option for me.

I came across this page in the WordPress help for the SyntaxHighlighter plugin, inserted some [sourcode][/sourcecode] tags and magically it works and all is right with the world. Unfortunately, problem number two came in the form of tabs. The ability not to put tabs in my code snippet felt like a deal breakerI searched for additional editors other than the one that comes with WordPress and Voila, Microsoft Live Writer!

But even though LiveWriter makes it a snap to add formatting and tabs, it destroys the source code tags and converts them to ascii.  To take care of that I downloaded this plugin from Rich Hewlett.  Now I can easily format by blogs post and add code snippets.

public static void Main(string[] args)
	Console.WriteLine("Hello WordPress!");

Now that we’ve got the tools, let’s get started…

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